13 problem owners and helpers this week

Busy week with questions on R, C++, data viz, Python, machine learning and sparse matrix representations. Five new faces with questions to ask. And great to see so many helpful helpers donating their time.


Who is a helper and who has questions?


This week Jess who was writing a macro in ImageJ, and Steffen who had a question on compiling HPC code but was also helping Jess. It’s great when our Hacky Hourers help each other!


Also, Emily, who wanted to code some maximum likelihood estimations in R, here with our regular resident R expert, James.

Find us

It’s easy to find us at the regular Tuesday 3pm at Nano’s Cafe UQ Hacky Hour. Just look for the sign.


This week at Hacky Hour …

This week at Hacky Hour UQ, newbie Danni who wants to script HPC jobs & regular Iva who’s having trouble with C compilers. Felicity (not shown) who is doing a digital librarian residency in Faculty of HASS popped in to provide library/data management advice.


Finding your Hacky Hour helpers

Not sure how to find the Hacky Hour gang at Nano cafe on Tuesdays at 3 o’clock? We have just made it easier. Some of us will be wearing the new Hacky Hour T shirt and drinking from our new Hacky Hour mugs. Get a sticker to take away too.